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Save a Reef Plant a Coral.

Who we are...

The Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) is a NGO / Non profit dedicated to improving the wonders of nature from Sabah. We work on islands in the coral triangle with more fish and coral species than anywhere else on the planet.  There are issues of destruction by blast and cyanide fishing as well as turtle egg poaching and turtle mortality from plastic pollution.  
We are supported by a great team of volunteers from all over the world who come to plant coral, protect turtles and to make a difference.  All of our work focuses on a coral reef conservation issue and creates solutions.  Our  current projects are developing a marine protected area working on sharks, -  turtles, – reef restorationphotographic record of biodiversity , environmental education and environmental awareness.
Choose how you can help from our  project summary 2013 for volunteers.  Choose from two fantastic Malaysian tropical islands.   We also have other ongoing conservation projects for researchers and students.

Download volunteer brochure (PDF). — What our volunteers say about TRACC -—- Volunteers in action (video)  –

We are open all year and most volunteers (snorkellers or divers) come for 2 weeks or more but we can take short term visits during the months of October to May. 

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Our boats go to the islands on mondays and thursdays.  To find out more or to book a space please check out the volunteer brochure or email us